Hello and Welcome

Welcome to Dressed Irons! You have come at just the right time. I am kicking off my new website and getting the ball rolling on some great fly tying content. 

The purpose of Dressed Irons is laid out on the ‘About’ page as well as what I hope to accomplish. But, I will state it here as well, “The primary goal of Dressed Irons is to add to the growing body of quality fly tying that is on the internet so that the art, trade, skill, pastime, whatever label you wish to apply will be passed on to others so that they can enjoy what we believe to be one of the best activities man (and woman) has ever created”.

Simply put this means that I will be adding all sorts of content to this site that is fly tying related. Plus, a little fly fishing thrown in for good measure.

Keep in mind that I am very open to communicating with anyone who ties flies, is interested in tying flies, or simply has some feedback to share with us. Constructive feedback and “Atta Boys” are always welcome. By communicating I learn more and more what people are interested in and if what I am doing is adding value to their fly tying.

So, Welcome and enjoy your stay. I am just getting a few things in place but more and more will be coming.


2 thoughts on “Hello and Welcome

  1. I’ve been following you on YouTube and have saved your tying videos. I love the way you describe how you tie your flys and ways to better tie the fly.

    • Dale,

      One of my major focuses of teaching/demonstrating fly tying is to pass along clear and pertinent information to the person wanting to learn about tying a particular pattern. Sounds like it is working. Thank you for the compliment. – Ian Anderson

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