What’s Been Happening Lately?

Just a quick note on the status of the website.

First, as my last post stated, I had surgery on my right hand in January.  Just as that we getting better I had surgery on the left hand.  Nothing major but it was needed if I want to keep tying flies, fishing, and generally enjoying life.  The down side is that it put a serious cramp (no pun intended) in my fly tying and progress on the website and YouTube channel.  In fact, I wrote my last article on the January Redfish trip about 10 days after I had the initial surgery and was told by the physical therapist to “not do that (with a bit of a scowl on her face)”.  Even typing was off the list.  So basically, I have been going stir crazy this last two months as I can not get house projects done, tie flies, or even type; although I have been cheating on that one.

Which leads me to the fact that you might have noticed that the layout has changed on the website.  I have been working on a total redo in order to make it easier to add new content and eventually start selling some of the flies I am tying; or will be tying (soon).  I have a number of new elements that will be added in the coming months as more content is available which should enhance your time spent hear.

Also, I have a Smallmouth Streamer fly tying class scheduled at one of our local  fly shops, FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  I have the flies picked out but am waiting on some additional materials that should be in by the end of the week.  I will be getting the flies tied up and information up on this site and to the folks at FlyMasters so they can spread the word as well.  It will be a three hour class and there will be three flies tied with lots of discussion about materials and tying techniques. Check back soon for details.

I am also working on my first fly tying video for YouTube.  Should be getting the flies tied and video recorded this next week and hopefully up on the 22nd!

One more thing, in case you were not aware, I have a presence on Instagram.  When I get up in production again I will be putting up content on a regular basis there.  I have resisted the urge while not being able to tie flies of posting photos of my dinner, but it is getting hard.

That’s it for now.  Always remember…it’s fly tying….it’s fun.

4 thoughts on “What’s Been Happening Lately?

  1. Hey Ian, it was good to see you in the shop again Saturday. Thanks again for another great class. I took a class earlier in the winter and it just wasn’t the same. I will certainly keep suggesting potential class topics to Derrick and hopefully I’ll see you around some more.

    Looking forward to see your progress with dressedirons.com!


    • Shane, it was nice seeing you as well. Glad you are still tying. Already have another class planned for April 20th. Not certain what yet, any suggestions?


      • I haven’t tied as much this winter, mostly due to my daughter’s sports activities which have occupied many of my evenings and weekends (I’m not sure if I could make the April 20th class). Anyway, some topics that I am interested in: fan wings; techniques for tying really small dry flies (<16); and I always love the Bergman classic flies (working with paired feather wing slips). I've been reading Mike Valla lately, and that brings to mind case studies of other famous tiers (Art Flick, Theodore Gordon, Bob Clouser, etc.). Just some ideas…


        • I have done a number of Bergman classes before and some Classic Freshwater streamers. I don’t like small dry flies, not that I can not tie them but it is not as much fun. However, I will see what I can do for a May class focused on small dry flies. I’ll let you know what get scheduled for April 20th but since you might not make it I will reserve a Bergman class for later this summer.

          Be Well,


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