Bergman Wet Fly Tying Class Detail

Saturday October 5th I will be teaching a class on Ray Bergman Wet Flies at FlyMasters of Indianapolis.  I have picked out three simple wet flies that represent many of the different skills and techniques needed to tie wet flies.  The focus in this class is to introduce tiers to how wet flies are constructed and what are the basic techniques that comprise many wet flies.  There are many wet fly patterns and Ray Bergman’s book “Trout” has many of the most interesting patterns ever created.  However, creating elaborate matched and married winged wet flies is not what this class is about.  But you will learn what you need to pursue those patterns after the class if you so choose.

There are three flies that will be tied in this class.  The Gray Hackle Peacock, The Cahill and The Yellow Sally.  Each has different wings and hackles but also incorporates some basic/common elements of most wet flies.  All materials for the class are provided with the following exceptions, each tier will need to bring,

  • A tying vise
  • Thread (Danville 6/0 or equivalent 70 denier in Black and White)
  • Basic Head Cement
  • sharp scissors
  • Bobbin
  • Bodkin
  • Whip Finish tool

The class will begin at 1:00 pm and the cost of the class is $35.00.  It is best to contact FlyMasters (317-570-9811) and reserve a seat ahead as these classes can fill up quickly.  The class will end “around” 4:00 pm(ish) depending on how many people attend and how much conversation is taking place.  The more the merrier!

I have a video posted already for the Gray Hackle Peacock and will have videos for the other flies in the coming weeks.  These will help after the class to refresh your memory as to how the flies are tied.  I am looking forward to this class.  Wet flies are one of my favorite flies to tie.  They are some of the oldest fly patterns ever created and fished and are some of the most beautiful flies I have ever come across.  Hope to see you in class!

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