Wonderful Streamer Class

I had a great class at FlyMasters of Indianapolis this past Saturday! Turnout was six people and given the smaller confines that is just about the right number; everyone could get the attention they needed.

With spring finally here and the waters warming up the Smallmouth Bass season will be in full swing. That made this the perfect class to be ready with some proven patterns for catching many fish in 2019. We managed to tie up two of the Fire Tiger Bass Crawlers and the HPU Weedless Soft Hackle but time ran out (actually it ran over) for the Belly Bumper Bunker. We did get one tied but many of the steps and techniques were new to everyone so I took my time and made certain to explain each step so everyone understood. Judging from the smiles, active conversation and over all good natured jokes I think everyone had a very pleasant Saturday afternoon. I managed to work in a few photos of the flies from the class, they are below. Always difficult to get photos while teaching, I am mostly paying attention to the people I am teaching and I forget to pick up the camera.

Currently, there are videos on the internet for the HPU Weedless Soft Hackle and the Kelly Galloup Belly Bumper Bunker but not one for the Fire Tiger Bass Crawler. So, I have placed this fly on my list for future videos and will plan on having one out in the next couple months. Keep an eye out.

If you are interested in more weedless flies Derrick Filkins will be teaching a class on Hook Point Up flies on the 6th of April. As I learn more details I will pass it along.

Lastly, I have scheduled another class at FlyMasters for the 20th of April. I do not know just what I will be tying for the class and am open to suggestions from anyone wanting to attend. If there is a pattern you are interested in doing in a class or a particular tying technique leave me a comment below.

Always remember…it’s fly tying….it’s fun.

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