Tying Video – Gill Candy

Spring is finally here and it is time to head out to the water and throw flies for early Panfish. The Gill Candy has become a favorite fly over the years for Bluegill, Redear, Pumpkinseed and even Crappie. I have taught this fly many time in tying classes and it has been as eagerly received by the tiers as it has been by the fish.

I recently made a video about tying this pattern and published it to Dressed Irons on YouTube. It is a detailed video about tying this fly as well as including information that will help you tie all sorts of other flies.

I also wrote up a Step by Step instruction page for those you prefer that format. Each step is detailed and includes a nice high resolution image of that step to help the tier know just what they should do in each step.

Lastly, I tied up 14 dozen Gill Candy flies and have them for sale on the site. They are sold in half dozen quantities and each dozen flies gets an extra fly thrown in. They will be available while supplies last.

Check out the video and/or the Step by Step instructions and leave a comment. I welcome comments and questions and am eager to hear what other think about this fly and if it has brought you and luck on your waters.

Always Remember…It’s Fly Tying…It’s Fun!

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    • Thanks Jack, That is what I am shooting for. Now I just need to get more comfortable talking to a camera. Who said Public speaking was hard?!

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