Tying Video – Rubber Legged Dragon

Every fly fisher has a number of flies that they do not leave home without.  The Rubber Legged Dragon is one of those for me, especially when fishing for warmwater species.  Too often it has made the difference between not catching much and have a very good day.  It is a simple Mayfly imitation that has lots of action and can represent a number of bugs in the water.  Plus, it is a fun fly to tie and learn to tie flies with.

I just made a video about tying this pattern and published it to Dressed Irons on YouTube.  It is a detailed video about tying this fly as well as including information that will help you tie all sorts of other flies.

I also wrote up a Step by Step instruction page for those you prefer that format.  Each step is detailed and includes a nice high resolution image of that step to help the tier know just what they should do in each step.  I do recommend watching the video as well as there is much more tying information in that format then the written step by step page.

There are also four dozen Rubber legged Dragons for sale on the site.  They come in Black and Olive and are sold in groups of three (more details in the store).  They will be available while supplies last.

Check out the video and/or the Step by Step instructions and leave a comment or suggestion.  I welcome comments and questions and am eager to hear what other think about this fly and if it has brought you and luck on your waters.

Always Remember,

It’s Fly Tying…  If you’re not having fun… You’re Doin’ It wrong!

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