Chugging Away

It is amazing the world we live in. The technology that we interact with everyday is almost unbelievable. Being able to produce a high quality video of a fly being tied, one where you can see each wrap of thread and then share it with anyone anywhere is just amazing. The first computer I ever set my hands on didn’t even have a monitor. All output was printed on thermal paper and time on the computer had to be shared because there just wasn’t enough resources. Now we all walk around with more powerful computers in our phones than launched the whole NASA moon projects. Wow.

I bring this up because it really seems like you can do anything with a phone, DSLR and a computer. All the commercials and ads show people just recording with their phone, editing with “Our latest App” and then sharing it with the world. Plus, the video look like something right out of Hollywood, perfect lighting, perfect depth of field, slow motion at just the right spot and a killer soundtrack too. Yeah, right. The reality is a bit different.

I have been involved with computer for a LONG time and have seen a great many advances and changes. No matter what comes out as new it will be advertised as “simply point, press and upload” and it’s perfect. In reality, there is a whole lot more to producing quality videos. We’ve all seen the kind of “point and upload” videos that many people think are just great but really aren’t. If you don’t want your to be one of those that isn’t it take a lot of hard work, learning and failing.

Tying & Recording Space

I mentioned in the first paragraph “being able to produce high quality” videos… let me be clear, I wasn’t exactly talking about my videos (not yet). Mine are a culmination of occasionally making videos over the last ten years and occasionally sharing them. The problem with occasionally is that things change way faster then occasionally. This means that as I am ramping up videos here on Dressed Irons I am also having to drag out past experiences  and remembering what worked in the past (kind of like painting a room in your house and you haven’t painted anything in 15 years) as well as learning new technologies, formats and skills. Which basically means that as I am producing these videos I am chugging away at learning more, refining skills, and making better and better content.

This not only means new equipment but different ways of recording these videos. Even thinking in terms of “scenes” and “scene order”. Yup, next I’ll be story boarding and using pre-vis! I even have to think about scripting out certain aspects of these videos. Don’t worry, I draw the line at teleprompters.

So all this is to say that making quality content is not as easy as some people (ad agencies) make it seem. However, I am excited to see how my videos are doing from month to month and year to year. No doubt, in five years I will be wanting to re-do some of the videos I am doing now! Anyway, just some of the thoughts I have while tying flies and recording videos.

Remember…. It’s fly tying…. If You’re Not Having Fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong!

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