Tying Video – The Mickey Finn

Tying the mickey finn…

I finished the video on the Mickey Finn fly.  This is a classic bucktail streamer fly that everyone should have in their fly box.  I Know, that is said about a lot of flies but this one is like the Woolly Bugger, don’t leave home without it.  It is a standard trout streamer but has proven itself as a great pattern for large and smallmouth bass.

Plus, if you are into the more classic type of streamers there are some basic techniques to this fly that are incorporated in many of the older freshwater streamers that were created for trout, salmon and warmwater species.  So, this is a good fly to get your feet wet in regards to tying streamers and developing good skills.

Summer is upon us, it is a good time to tie some Mickey Finns up and stock your fly box.  It will be streamer swinging time very soon!

If you would like to purchase some Mickey Finns, I have some available in the Shop. Get them while supplies last!

Always Remember…. It is Fly Tying….  If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong

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