Bass Topwater Class At FlyMasters

As mentioned in the last newsletter, I am teaching a class this coming Saturday on Bass Topwater Flies.  I will be teaching three patterns I have been using (and teaching) for years.  Only this time there will be a little twist on two of the patterns.  The class is on Saturday May 18th and starts at 1:00 p.m.  Usually the class is done about 4:00 p.m. but we might go over some as there are some additional steps I am adding to these flies.

The three flies we will be tying are the Kreb’s Popper, Todd’s Wiggle Minnow and Kent’s Stealth Bomber.  Kent’s Stealth Bomber is a fairly simple pattern but fantastically effective at bringing up Bass.  Although Chartreuse is a standard color for Kent’s Stealth Bomber other good colors are Black, White and Yellow.


Todd’s Wiggle Minnow is another simple tie but does a great job at mimicking a Lazy Ike.  The Lazy Ike is a stable in the conventional fishing world and should be in every tackle box that ever went out on the water.  The particular Wiggle Minnow we will be tying will be on a articulated shank with a treble hook wiggling off the back.  An interesting twist to another great topwater Bass pattern.


The Kreb’s Popper was developed by Gary Kreb’s about twelve years ago and has become a favorite summertime topwater pattern.  The creation of this popper uses a special ‘jig” that Gary created to help shape the head of the popper.  The heads can be shaped without the use of the jig but the popper cutters he created make it much easier and more consistent.  This fly, also, will be tied with a trailing treble hook, a different twist on a standard popper.

In addition to tying these flies I will be teaching participants on how to color their poppers using the Copic Marker system.  Rather than painting popper heads as in days gone by, the Copic Marker system allows you to create beautiful poppers in a fraction of the time.

There are a few things you will need to bring for this class.  Otherwise, all materials are provided.  You will need to bring,

Thread – Wapsi UTC 210 Denier, Chartreuse (or equivalent)
Cement – regular head cement and Zap-A-Gap (superglue)

All in all, this will be a fun class with a lot of techniques being learned.  If anyone has any questions concerning the class feel free to contact me or leave a question/comment below.

Looking forward to Saturday and fishing these flies even more.

Remember…. It is Fly Tying….  If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong

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