Tying Classes for Winter/Spring 2020

I am pleased to announce that the dates for fly tying classes at FlyMasters of Indianapolis have been set.  I met with Derrick Filkins and settled on five dates and what I would be teaching in the classes.  All flies will be ones that most beginners and intermediate tiers can easily tie.  However, I will be throwing in a few curve balls to keep some tried and true patterns interesting.  It is always a quandary as to what flies and skills to focus on when teaching a fly tying class.  Basic techniques are always good but some people have the basics down and are looking to learn something new.   Then again, it is also good to try something completely new with a “traditional fly pattern” just to see how it turns out and/or how it does in the water.  Whatever your skill level (unless an absolute beginner) these classes are sure to help you learn something new and help stimulate your fly tying this winter.  The class dates and the flies are as follows.

January 25th – Game Changer and Game Changer Junior
February 15th – Spawning Bonefish Flies
March 21st – Sowbugs and Scuds, Copper John & Gold Ribbed Hares Ear all on Jig hooks
April 11th – Fat Albert, Stimulator and Charlie Boy Hopper
May 16th – Smallmouth Streamers, Clouser Darter and two other patterns as yet to be determined

Most are standard patterns for various species and for different seasons.  However, some will be changed up a little to add most versatility and flexibility in their presentation.  Plus, changing up a pattern is fun and who knows maybe you come up with the next great “epic” fly.  The classes will all be $35.00 and all materials are provided.  Classes will all start at 1:00 p.m. and run about 3 hours (or so).  As the time gets closer I will have photos of the flies as well as tools you will need to bring to the class posted here on Dressed Irons.

For now, mark you calendar or better yet, sign up for the newsletter and you will get notified about everything happening at Dressed Irons.  As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can.  Hope to see you behind the vise this winter!

6 thoughts on “Tying Classes for Winter/Spring 2020

  1. Hi Ian. Have you ever considered giving a class or classes that would go into how to design a fly? I’m thinking things like weight- metals,feathers, fur, etc, cast ability- wind resistance,weight, etc, hook design and how it affects the fly design and getting a good hook set, selection of colors-UV, fluorescence, etc. You get the idea. Jack

    • Jack, I have thought about that, often. I will present that to the various students this winter and see if it would be worth a class like this in the late spring. Thanks for the feedback. Ian

    • Jenny,

      I do not have anything planned for the first part of June. Let’s see if we can get some others interested this winter and we’ll get a class on the calendar.

      Ian Anderson

    • Joe, I have had a couple of request for such a class. I have done a number of classes on painting poppers with the Copic Marker system. I will see what I can fit in sometime this fall. Thanks for the feedback.

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