Tying Video – The Mop Fly

I just posted the most recent fly tying video and it is my take on the very popular (and somewhat nebulous) Mop Fly.  A very simple fly to tie but as is often the case with simple flies has an almost unlimited number of variations.  The main body of the fly is made from mop material which is basically a tight woven nylon chenille conveniently packaged in easy to cut off pieces.  The idea is you cut off one of the mop pieces and then incorporate it into a fly with some other great tying materials and when you are done you have a nymph, a worm, a grub, or even some sort of baitfish.


The catch is the mop materials come in an almost unending number of colors and even different textures in some cases.  This means that there is no end to the various patterns you can use this material in.  The one tied in this weeks video is my take on a basic mop nymph pattern.  Nothing complicated, I can tie up one of these flies in about five minutes.  If you want to tie a dozen I recommend you stage them out, get all your needed materials prepped and then you can get them done even faster.  Either way, in no time you can have dozens of these flies ready to fish whatever conditions you need.


You can watch the video here or on my YouTube channel.  There is also a nice step-by-step article on tying this fly if you prefer that format.  Lastly, maybe you like the fly but would rather try it out before tying any, you’re in luck.  I have Mop flies available here on the website in four different colors.  However, the supply is limited and once they are gone it might be a while before they are back.



As always, thanks for your support and keeping up with Dressed Irons!

Remember…..  It’s Fly tying…..  If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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