Fun Bass Fly Class on Saturday

Just wanted to pass along some info about the Bass Topwater Fly Tying class I did at FlyMasters this past Saturday.  The short version is that we had a blast!  Not only did we learn some new topwater patterns but we experimented with various tying techniques and dressing out the flies.  All in all, a class to look out for in the future and make certain you attend.

The long version is that we tied up three different patterns, all a little different from the previous ones.  The class started tying Kent’s Stealth Bomber, a great topwater fly for lakes, ponds and rivers, and fun to tie.  These we tied on regular single point hooks.  The next fly was a Kreb’s Popper.  This provided a opportunity for everyone to use the Kreb’s Popper head cutters to create the head for their popper.  Then I introduced everyone to the Copic Air Brush system and everyone got to air brush their Kreb’s Popper.  But the learning fun did not stop there.  I also introduced everyone to using Epoxy as a clear coat on their poppers to help protect them, something they had not done before.  The last fly we tied was Todd’s Wiggle Minnow.  The real interesting part of tying the Kreb’s Popper and Todd’s Wiggle Minnow is that we tied them on an articulated shank and used a treble hook instead of single point hook.  This was done to remind everyone that they can modify the flies they tie in almost anyway they want in order to suit their specific fishing needs.  It is always good to think outside of the box!

We wrapped up the Wiggle Minnow with just using the Copic markers (no air brushing) to dress out the flies and lots of discussion about various painting/finishing techniques, ways of top coating the flies, and how to fish each of the flies.  Everyone had all kinds of great ideas on how to modify the flies and change them up to use different materials for where and how they fish.

I enjoy passing along things I have learned concerning fly tying and my goal in each class is that the participants learn more then just a new fly pattern but rather learn a new technique to solve a problem they are having or at the vary least encourage them to try something new.  All of that definitely happened in this class.  Hope to see you in the next one.

Remember…..  It’s Fly tying…..  If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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