Chocklett’s Game Changer Tying Class

Ever since Blane Chocklett dropped his Game Changer on the fly fishing world back in 2014 it has been a hit.  The action of this fly not only captivates the fish but somehow hypnotizes the fisherman as well.  The one drawback to tying this fly is that it takes a LONG time (compared to most flies) to produce one.  I have tied a number of Game Changers since it’s introduction and “game changer” type flies and can tell you they do take some time to put together.  I haven’t ventured to do a class on Game Changers because there are so many steps and I know teaching just one fly will take up most of the class (3 hours).  Mostly, because it takes that much time to go over each and every step.  Once you know how to tie the fly they are put together much quicker (30 – 40 minutes,  if that’s quick).  All that said, I have decided to do a class on the Game Changer and that class will be at FlyMasters of Indianapolis on January 25th (Saturday).  This class was originally scheduled for the 18th (back in November) and it was decided to push it back a week due to the Heartland Fly Fishing Festival on the 18th.

Since winter is finally settling in here in the Midwest I though now would be a good time to do this class and if it take longer to teach then it takes longer.  Since Smallmouth is king around here this time of year is a great time to spend a little extra time at the vise and tie some of these flies to be ready for the spring and summer bite.  The class will be at 1:00 p.m. and run until about 4:00 p.m.  I am setting aside time after 4:00 p.m. in case it goes longer and in case people have questions or need to go over specifics on tying the fly; I suggest you do as well.  I think we will be able to get the original Game Changer done in about 2 hours and then we will be tying up a bonus fly; the Game Changer Jr. (a smaller version of the Game Changer).  You will need the following tools for this class,

  • Tying Vise
  • Thread (White UTC in 140 and 210 Denier)
  • A sharp pair of scissors, preferably with a long throat
  • Head Cement
  • Bodkin
  • Regular hair comb (if you have one)
  • Paper and pencil for notes
  • Smartphone or camera for taking photos

All other tools and materials will be provided for the class. I would recommend bringing a beverage as there will be much discussion while tying these flies.  I will have examples of various Game Changer flies and we will be discussing the pros and cons of various materials and tying methods for each on, hence the need for a camera to take some photos.

There will also be lots of discussion on how these flies are fished.  The Game Changer is not a fly to just tie on to your six weight and start slinging on your favorite Smallmouth water.  There is much more involved in getting this fly in front of the fish in hopes of a strike.  So, you might want to bring along some paper for notes or some sort of recording device to capture the discussion.  All in all, this will be a fun class and a much better way to spend a Saturday afternoon than watching endless bass fishing YouTube videos!

Contact FlyMasters to get signed up.  The class if $35.00 and as mentioned will start at 1:00 p.m. (don’t be late).  See you there.

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