Tying Video – The Kwan Fly

The Kwan was originally created as a Bonefish fly and has also proven to be a great Redfish fly.  Last year as well as this past February I took the Kwan down to the Gulf coast chasing Bull Redfish and it proved a very effective fly.  It is not a difficult fly to tie but the body can present a bit of a challenge to some tiers.  I normally tie the Kwan with bead chain eye because where I am fishing for Redfish we want the flies to sink slowly.  We are not fishing on the bottom but rather in the middle of the water column.  If you are tying these for Bonefish or Redfish that are feeding on the bottom you can substitute lead dumbbell eyes for the beadchain.  There are times I want the fly to sink in the water a little faster so I might put in 10 – 12 wraps of lead (.010 or .015) behind the bead chain eyes.

Often bonefish flies and some Redfish flies are tied with a weed guard.  The various places I have fished for both species have not needed any weed guards, in fact they would have gotten in the way.  Because of this I usually do not tie in a weed guard on the Kwan.  However, if you need one simply leave some space between the eye of the hook and the front of the bead chain eyes and tie in your preferred weed guard.  The fly in the video was tied using wool yarn for the body.  Primarily because I have LOTS of wool yarn.  Some people prefer to use a Sparkle Yarn or some other synthetic yarn as they do not absorb water and can make the fly cast a little easier.  I am normally casting these on a 8 or 10 weight outfit and have no problem turning these over with the wool yarn.  Lastly, some people will tie these with a little bit of accent in them.  It can be in the tail, or in the yarn body or simply by using a bright florescent thread, like on the Del Brown Crab. 

Hook:Mustad S71S (34007) or Tiemco 811s, #2 – #6
Thread:Danville Flat Waxed Nylon, Tan
Weight:10 – 12 wraps of lead wire (optional)
Tail:Extra Select Craft Fur, Cream
Banding:Black or Brown Sharpie
Legs:Pumpkin Sili-Legs, two on each side
Body:Wool Yarn (or Sparkle Yarn), Brown and Cream
Eyes:Dumbbell eyes or Bead Chain Eyes, Silver or Gold, Size depends on how much weight you want in the fly

Stay tuned to Dressed Irons as I have two other Redfish flies that are going to be posted in the coming weeks.  I also have another fly tying class in March where we will be tying some classic trout nymphs with a little bit of a twist.  If you haven’t read it yet I posted dates for the fly tying classes I have scheduled for the Winter and Spring of 2020.  You can check that out here.  Check back soon.

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As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can. Enjoy!

Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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