Jig Nymph & Trout Dry Fly Tying Class Changes

Just a quick note to inform everyone that the dates for the upcoming Jig Nymph class have changed.  The class was originally scheduled for this coming Saturday (March 21, 2020) but we have decided to move it to the 11th of April.  The primary reason for this is that everyone is very concerned about the spread of the Coronavirus and it is our belief that nobody will show up for class! Can’t blame anyone really and I would rather just move it back when people are more comfortable.  But, if people are not as comfortable by the time the 5th of April comes around I will offer a free Roll Of Toilet Paper for everyone who attends the class!  Just kidding, the bottom line is that we are very aware of how stressed people are and have no problems pushing this back to a time when (hopefully) we all will be breathing a little easier.

However, the Jig Nymph class is not the only casualty if the Coronavirus.  There is a Trout Dry Fly tying class scheduled for the 11th of April and we have had to push it back to the 25th.  I apologies for any inconvenience this may cause anyone.  Everyone be safe, take care of your loves ones and we will be tying flies again soon.

Be Well!

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