April Fly Tying Classes Cancelled

Unfortunately, due to the continued issues with COVID-19 and our self distancing I am forced to cancel the two fly tying classes scheduled for April 2020.  Those of you who follow me may recall there was a Jig Nymph Fly Tying class scheduled for March that was pushed back to April 11th.  There was also a Trout Dry Fly class that was scheduled for the 11th that then was pushed back to April 25th.  I discussed it with Derrick at FlyMasters of Indianapolis and after the ‘social distancing’ guidelines were pushed back to the 30th of April we decided to cancel these two classes.  Keep in mind, this is fly tying, it is not worth anyone potentially putting themselves or their loved ones at risk just to get out of the house and tie a few flies.  Especially since there are so many quality videos on the Internet.

The classes were cancelled instead of postponed because to postpone them would be to start pushing back classes in May and June as well.  We thought it better to cancel and see if we can fit them in later this year and continue with the scheduled classes for May and June.  That means that the Smallmouth Streamer class for May 16th is still on!  I will have some information on the flies for this class in the next couple of weeks.  Be sure they will be flies that will help you catch many Smallies throughout the season.  It also means the June 6th Crayfish class is still on.  This class was requested by a number of people and I will do my best to keep that date.

On a brighter side, things are looking better in terms of the future and living with this virus as more and more you hear things in the media about it not being as bad as predicted, loosening up restrictions and a general hope that by the end of the month we will all be picking up the pieces from this mess.  For now, be safe, spend time with family and at the vise.  Let me know if there is a pattern you want me to do a video on and look for a bunch of Panfish flies on Dressed Irons.

Be Well!

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