Tying Video – Soft Hackle Brim Bug

In the world of fly tying there are about as many Panfish flies as there are trout dry flies.  More if you include many of the trout dry flies that will also catch panfish.  That said, over the years I have gravitated toward a number of Panfish flies either because they are great at catching fish and/or they are a lot of fun to tie.  The Soft Hackle Brim Bug is one of those flies that is a lot of fun to tie and definitely catches fish.  It is a relatively quick fly to tie being made of only three components (not including thread and hook).  It is also basically a Woolly Bugger, which for most people is a first or second fly they ever learn to tie.

Just like it’s bigger cousin, the Soft Hackle Brim Bug can be modified to meet all sorts of presentation needs.  The Grizzly Marabou tail, the dubbed body and the wound hackle can all be changed and/or augmented to add more attraction and life to this fly.  The original (at least original to me) had a dubbed body but with more conventional dubbing.  I switched it up years ago to use the left over “fluff” from the feathers that make the fly as dubbing and it works just as well.  Plus, I changed out the stiffer Rooster Saddle hackle for a softer one to give the fly more life while under the water.  You can add weights, beads, cones, flash or rubber legs to the Soft Hackle Brim Bug if you like.  Plus, changing up the colors and even mixing up colors can all make this fly fish well whatever your needs are.  All in all, a solid pattern that is fun to tie, a great fly for beginning tiers and definitely one to have with you when you are on your favorite panfish waters.

Hook:Mustad 9672 #10
Thread:UNI-Thread 8/0. Olive
Tail:Grizzly Marabou, Olive
Legs:Grizzly Marabou & Soft Hackle fluff feather fibers
Hackle:Whiting Grizzly Rooster Soft Hackle, Olive

I am continuing over the next few weeks with more Panfish patterns.  For those unable to get away from the vise, they are all fun to tie.  When you can get away and get back outdoors, you’ll have lots of flies to take with you.

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As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can. Enjoy!

Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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