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Tying Video – The Bead Head Carrot Nymph

Catching Panfish on the surface is what most people think of when they think of “bluegill” fishing.  Who doesn’t like spending a lazy warm evening around the pond casting rubber spiders or small poppers to hungry fish.  The only problem is the bigger fish tend to stay down deeper during the hotter months.  All fish are active in the spring when the waters are warming up and the spawn is on.  By mid to late June the bigger fish are staying deeper.  On large lakes they can be as deep as 30 or 40 feet.  In most lakes and ponds it is usually around 7 to 12 feet deep.  Very tough to get one of these fish to come to the surface for a popper when they are that deep.  That is where the Bead Head Carrot Nymph comes in.  It is good at getting down to the fish, staying down and it has lots of action.  It is a very basic nymph pattern with a gold bead and some lead to give it some extra weight.  The bright orange body makes it practically glow under water and the hackle collar brings this fly to life.

The Bead Head Carrot Nymph is a basic nymph pattern that any fly tier can master in no time.  It gets it’s name from the bright Orange in the fly but you could tie some in Fl. Chartreuse, Black, Olive or Fl. Pink even.  Although I don’t think you could call it a ‘Carrot’ nymph anymore.  The fly in the video is tied on a straight shank nymph hook but you could tie this on a curved caddis hook (say a TMC 200R) if you wanted.  The Hackle can be any soft hackle that you happen to have.  I like the African Guinea Fowl because of the mottling on it.  I think the contrasting colors help make the fly more attractive.  Don’t feel you have to get some Guinea feathers to tie this fly.  Use what you have and have some fun.  Weighted Nymphs can be very productive and a lot of fun to fish in the summer months.

Hook:Mustad 3906b, #10
Thread:Danville 6/0, Fl. Orange
Rib:Wapsi UTC Ultra Wire, Black, Medium
Body:ICE Dub, UV Hot Orange
Thorax:Peacock Herl
Collar:African Guinea Fowl
Bead:5/32 Gold Bead

I have a few more Panfish flies and then on to some Bass streamers, Smallmouth specifically but they would work for Largemouth Bass as well.

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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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