Cancelled Fly Tying Classes

Unfortunately, the fall out of the corona virus is still happening.  Even though some businesses are opening up many have limited the number of people that can be in any given space at a time.  Because of this, it is my thought that people will be slow to come out of their homes and a fly tying class will be low on the list of things to do.  Even those that do venture out will be wanting to get out and enjoy the spring and even do some fishing.  So, I am canceling the Smallmouth Streamer fly tying class that was on the schedule for the 16th of May as well as the Crawdad fly tying class for June 6th.  I do not think (at this time) that they will get rescheduled, at least not until later in the fall.  Summer time fly tying classes usually do not have great attendance because everyone is out fishing or vacationing or simply enjoying the outdoors.  It seems fly tying is more of a cold weather activity for many people.  I have been thinking about some classes this fall, probably in October and November, and had been thinking about another Wet fly and/or feather wing streamer class but I might do some of the classes that got canceled this spring.  If you have a preference or suggestion for classes this fall let me know in the comment section below.

I apologize for any inconvenience for anyone on canceling these classes.  I am certain all of us are itching to get out of the house and get our lives back to normal.  I predict we will be sitting behind the vise together soon telling stories about this weird moment in history.  Be safe and hope to see you soon!

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