Tying Video – The Bully Bluegill Spider

Back in 1999 Terry & Roxanne Wilson published a wonderful book on Bluegill Fly Fishing & Flies.  For many people in the Midwest the Bluegill, or rather the Panfish (the entire family), is a often targeted fish.  We have lots of warm water around here and there are many fisherman who caught their first ever fish on a worm and bobber and it was a Panfish.  For me, the first ever fish I caught on a fly rod was a White Crappie.  It’s a long story but I bastardized what were probably some Blue Wing Olive dry flies to make a “fuzzy” grub, tied it on three feet of 4 pound mono and started bringing them in!  Back to the book, at the time, there was not a whole lot written about targeting these species.   As soon as I ran across it I purchased a copy.  You can still get it, the image of the book links to Amazon if you want to get a copy.  It is a great read, from cover to cover.  My favorite section was on the flies used to target Panfish.  One in particular caught my attention for it’s simplicity (still thinking of a fuzzy grub) and it was the Bully Bluegill Spider.  There are lots of flies for taking Panfish on the surface but there are less patterns for subsurface let alone deeper water.  The Bully Bluegill Spider is one of those patterns.  I fish it mostly in the warmer months in seven to ten feet of water along structure and weedlines.  It is great at getting down and grabbing the fishes attention.

The fly is very basic in it’s construction and is a great fly for beginning tiers.  It is very forgiving and even those that don’t look too great still produce fish.  It is also a wonderful fly to experiment with.  Other than the lead wraps there are only two materials to the fly.  You can easily change chenille colors or don’t use chenille but dub the body instead.  Change the color of the rubber legs or even use Sili Legs instead and you have tons of possibilities.  You can even throw out the lead wraps and you have a great subsurface fly that will sink to about 10 – 12 inches in the water.  It really is a wonderful fly for all sorts of fish.  Large and Smallmouth Bass love it as well as Rock Bass and Crappie.  So I thought I would share this pattern and do a video to help those you are looking for another fun Panfish fly.

Hook:Mustad 3906b, #10
Thread:Uni-Thread 8/0, Black
Weight:.015 Lead Wire
Body:Variegated Chenille, Dark Olive & Yellow, Medium
Legs:Round Rubber Legs, Black, Medium

Still a few more Panfish patterns in the coming weeks an then on to  some Bass streamers, Smallmouth specifically but they would work for Largemouth Bass as well.  Our warmwater season is really picking up and the Bass fishing is starting to get hot.

If you would rather purchase some Bully Bluegill Spiders there are a few here at Dressed Irons for sale (while supplies last).

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As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can. Enjoy!

Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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