Tying Video – The Hum Bug

In my last post about the Bully Bluegill Spider I mentioned that way back in the day (the old days of the ’80s and the ’90s) there was not a lot of info on Panfish flies.  Along with the book mentioned in that post there was another fun and interesting book published in 1992 by Dick Stewart and Farrow Allen called Flies for Bass & Panfish.  It is what I refer to as a encyclopedia of fly patterns.  There are no step by step instruction in tying any of the flies but there are many patterns with their recipes and notes.  Books like these are a lot of fun because experienced tiers can easily figure out how the pattern are put together and you usually get a ton of patterns to choose from.  This particular book has an entire section towards the back that has nothing but Panfish flies.  There are a total of 36 Panfish pattern in this book and many of the others “Bass” flies can be modified to work well with Panfish also.  One that stood out for me so may years ago was the Hum Bug.  It is a simple pattern (and I like simple) but it is very effective in the early morning or late evening.  It is designed as a subsurface fly to be fished usually within six inches of the surface.  The high contrast and endless action of the rubber legs definitely get this fly noticed.

As I mentioned it is a simple fly to tie and any beginner or experienced tier can have a bunch of these in different colors in no time.  I have even experimented and added some weight to the Hum Bug to get it down deeper and it has produced very well for me over the years.  The fly in the video was tied on a Mustad 3906B long shank nymph hook.  The recipe in the book calls for a straight eye standard wire hook, something like a Mustad 3366.  I have not had any issues using a down turned eye but then I fish these with a loop knot so the fly is free to move in the water.  I have tied these on a Tiemco 200R as well to give the body a little more length as well as a curve.  I mention this because if you do not have the 3906B hook then use what you have.   Also, use what materials you have.  As long as the fly come out looking like it should I am certain it will catch fish.  Besides, you might just develop a major improvement to the Hum Bug!

Hook:Mustad 3906b, #10
Thread:Veevus 6/0, Black
Body:Rayon Chenille, Black & Yellow, Medium
Legs:Round Rubber Legs, White, Medium

Still a few more Panfish patterns in the coming weeks an then on to  some Bass streamers, Smallmouth specifically but they would work for Largemouth Bass as well.  Our Warmwater season is really picking up and the Bass fishing is starting to get hot.

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As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can. Enjoy!

Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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