Tying Video – The Faux Flying Ant

This is the last “panfish” fly in the series I have been doing for the past few weeks.  I use the term panfish loosely because the Faux Flying Ant is a wonderful trout fly (or so I think, we’ll find out).  This fly came into being when a follower asked if I knew of any good flying ant patterns and if I would do a video on one.  I have tied a number of flying ant patterns over the years but was never really taken with any of them.  In doing some research for this fly I came to realize I wasn’t really taken by any of the flying ant patterns I found.  I am certain there are some wonderful patterns out there that catch fish but for some reason none that I found really caught my eye.  So, I determined it was time to make my own flying ant patterns.


After looking at a number of photos of real flying ants, including some sent to me by the person requesting the pattern, I started to get a loose idea as to the body type and construction of the fly.  Getting the three segments and six legs was not that big of an issue but the wing material was what I wasn’t certain of.  At first I thought of bucktail and then I thought maybe Kip tail would be the right thing.  I even tied a prototype with Elk hair but it wasn’t what I was looking for.  I wanted something that would represent the wing shape well but be a little more translucent.  Something that would not stand out so much.  If you look at any real flying ants you will see that the wings are transparent and even when folded are not the prominent features of the insect.  Then I ran across Flymen Fish Co.’s Faux Bucktail while rummaging through my various types of hair.  After tying the fist prototype I knew that was the material I was looking for.  It has just the right amount of presence that you can see it but doesn’t stand out so much as to over power the fly.  After tying another dozen or so to get the overall proportions down that I was looking for I was satisfied with The Faux Flying Ant.

Keep in mind, I have not fished this fly yet.  It has just been created at the vise.  It’s primary creation is for catching panfish and Bass when they are focused on terrestrial insects.  However,  I am very confident it will also fool trout when they are focused on these juicy morsels.  Later this summer I will update this post with some photos of panfish and trout just to make certain my guess is correct.  If however, a year or so has gone by and no fish photos then I was wrong and I will get back to the drawing board…er…vise.




Hook:Mustad 9671, #10
Thread:Veevus 6/0, Black
Underbody:UV Ice Dub, Black
Body:2mm Closed Cell Foam, Black
Wing:Faux Bucktail, White
Legs:Round Rubber Legs, Black, Medium

The next few videos will be some great Smallmouth streamers just in time for summer fishing.  After that I will be doing some more wet fly patterns and Classic Freshwater streamers.

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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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