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Tying Video – The Gartside Soft Hackle

Years ago I ran across the Gartside Soft Hackle streamer and it has become a favorite fly to fish and tie.  There are a number Jack Gartside’s patterns that I like to tie but for most of the warmwater fly fishing that I do the Soft Hackle streamer gets tied the most often.  If you have not tied any of Jack Gartsides flies you should head over to his website and find a few to tie.  Not only do they catch fish but most are very simple to tie that it just makes the time at your vise even more enjoyable.

The beauty of the Soft Hackle streamer lies in the sparse materials used and in the great effect they have in the water.  Most fly fishers know that blood quill marabou is a favorite fly material because of how much it comes alive in the water.  If you add a little flash and a mallard flank for contrast you have everything you need to mimic baitfish.  That is just what the Soft Hackle streamer does.  The basic white and natural mallard flank is good for almost any fishing situation but sometimes you need a little more color.  Change up the mallard flank used and you now have patterns for all sorts of conditions.  Then you can still change the flash and the marabou to take it a step further.  Like Russell Blessing’s Woolly Bugger, the Gartside Soft Hackle is a fly everyone should have in their box and all tiers should tie.  Sometimes, the most joy can be found in the simplest of flies!

Hook:Mustad 3366 #2/0 – #6
Thread:Danville 6/0, White
Flash:2 – 3 strands Silver Holographic Flashabou, 2 -3 strands pearl Flash Accent
Hackle:Blood Quill Marabou, White
Collar:Mallard Flank, Natural
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