Tying Video – Double N #12

The fly I have for this week is an interesting streamer with an interesting past/history.  In the course of fly fishing and fly tying one ties up a LOT OF FLIES.  Many are known patterns you tie for others or for yourself.  Over time it is inevitable that you will start to experiment with patterns and materials to see if you can come up with something that increases your productivity on your waters.  Over the years I have come up with a number of patterns but not all of them have received names.  Sometimes, as time goes by and I use the pattern on a certain water or for a certain species I will zero in on an appropriate name.  However, sometimes I do not.  Sometimes a pattern gets tied that I completely forget about.  The flip side here is that sometimes I purchase a fly somewhere that I completely forget about.  Whenever I travel and fish I try to swing into a local shop and pick up a few “local” patterns or any other patterns I might need.  Mostly because I like to support the local shops but also because I want to see what the hot flies in their areas are and compare it to other known patterns.  So, the fly this week is the Double N #12 (Double N stands for No Name and #12 is the 12th no name fly I fish on a regular basis, that count could be 11 or even 13 – not certain) and it could be a fly I tied or a fly I purchased, don’t know!

The short story is that a number of years ago I was fishing a wonderful little stream in Michigan with a friend and we were supposed to be catching Smallmouth Bass.  I say supposed to be because we weren’t and the water and conditions were perfect but we just could not find what they wanted.  All the usual suspects were thrown and out of shear “what the hell” I reached into my box and tied on the Double N #12 (which didn’t even have a #12 designation then).  Either the local Smallies woke up at that moment or I started throwing something they wanted, I like to think the latter.  Either way, I was into a fish almost cast after cast for the next hour! Could not believe it.  At first glance I thought the fly was one I tied in some remote tying session (in a haze of Bourbon probably) and just threw it in my box.  But on closer inspection I started thinking maybe I had purchased this little beauty.  I inquired of friends and guides and other shop owners and no one had ever seen the pattern before.  Which in itself does not prove anything but it started me thinking again that it was some random pattern I tied and forgot about until it started producing fish.  So, I have called it the Double N #12 and assumed I created it until someone tells me otherwise, which would be fine with me as well.  It is a simple pattern to tie and I can not believe someone else over the decades has not tied this pattern before me but is has prove to be a wonderful warmwater fly.  I have not tried it in coldwater yet.  If you happen to have seen this pattern and know anything about it let me know in the comment section below.  Otherwise, welcome to the Double N #12 and maybe in the future I’ll figure out a real name for this gem!

Hook:Mustad 9671 (R72), #4 – #10
Thread:Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier White
Tail:Grizzly Marabou, Tan
Body:UV Ice Dub, Pearl
Throat:Grizzly Marabou, Tan
Wing:Grizzly Marabou, Tan
Collar:UV Ice Dub, Red
Head/Weight:Wapsi 3/16″ Gold Bead, 10 – 12 wraps of .020 Lead
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