Tying Video – March Brown Spider

The March Brown Spider is a very well know soft hackle pattern but like the Gray Hackle Yellow, there are many versions of this fly.  Besides dry flies, wet flies and nymphs even in the soft hackle category there are different versions.  This version is one I picked up a number of years ago as a nice “chunky” soft hackle for picking up panfish in the summer time.  It also shines as a trout fly (which is what it was originally intended for) especially in the early season when water clarity is not so great.  The first version that I tied used a Hungarian Partridge hackle, one of the darker brown hackles, for the hackle on the fly.  However, I was gifted a Sharp-tailed Grouse skin a number of years ago and have since come to like the lighter hackles with some slight banding for contrast that the covert feathers of the Sharp-tailed grouse provide.  You do not have to posses either if you want to tie some March Brown Spiders.  A simple Speckled hen or all brown hen will work also.  It is such a simple fly to tie that you can have a dozen tied in no time.  You can even experiment with the dubbing and try different colors or materials.  Although, it might not be called a March BROWN Spider anymore.

This is also another fly I will be tying at a Tie-A-Thon coming up in May.  I have been doing a number of soft hackles for this event and am looking forward to tying as well as donating a number of flies.  I have in other posts, explained the Tie-A-Thon in more details but this time (and in the future) I will simply refer readers to an article I wrote explaining in detail what a Tie-A-Thon is and how you can get involved if you are interested.  So, take a look at the Article section of Dressed Irons or just follow this link to find more details about the Tie-A-Thon.  Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad 3906, 3906b or 3399, #10 – #16
Thread:Pearsall’s Silk, Orange
Rib:Uni-French Oval Tinsel, Gold, Small
Body:Hare’s Mask, Natural
Hackle:Grouse Covert Feather (eBay, a number of Sharp tailed and Ruff Grouse Skins)
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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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