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Spring has Sprung in 2021

Pretty safe to say that winter is over in central Indiana and elsewhere.  Warmer days are here and many people are already getting out on the water in starting to enjoy the 2021 fishing season.  Quite the change from a year ago.  Lockdowns and all that aside, spring 2020 just never seemed to arrive.  The overall apprehension about the state of the world just seemed to be a cloud that hung over everything.  This year it feels different.  This year it feels as if the long winter is finally over.

That said, I like to post something each spring about the local Indiana DNR fishing, hunting and recreational resources that are online.  First, it is that time of year again when new fishing licenses need to be purchased.  Don’t know if you are aware but about 90% of the money you spend on a fishing licensee actually goes back into fishing, hunting and recreational resources in your local state.  For in-state licenses the fee is not too bad and even out of state (in most states) are reasonable.  Plus, given that the vast majority of your money is helping the very thing you enjoy, it is money well spent.

I also recommend you take a look at the latest fishing regulation for your state.  Most regs don’t change but every year some do.  It could be that they have changed for your favorite waters or species.  Always take the time to double check.  That goes for hunting also.  The Indiana DNR publishes their annual hunting regs in the spring so now is a great time to prepare for any spring outings as well as for the major hunting in the late summer and fall.

Something else the Indiana DNR has been developing of the past number of years is a “Where to Fish” interactive map system.  The landing page as all sorts of information about fishing in the state, learning toe fish, free fish days, etc… It also has a great interactive map that you can navigate around and find a bunch of information about the waters near you.  One note, don’t click on the image for the interactive map.  It takes you somewhere that you have to have an account for.  Click on the link in the words at the beginning of the page.  That will take you to the map. Worth a look.

Lastly, here in Indiana, the DNR published a annual recreation guide.  It is full of events all across the state, information about various state parks, activities for the sportsman as well as the entire family.  Most of these are free and well worth taking a look at to help you plan your travels in 2021.  I actually happen to be writing this post while staying at one of the DNR cabins at Whitewater Memorial State Park.  I stumbled upon these cabins years ago and my family and I have enjoyed them a number of times.  The wife and I decided we needed a short get away and a nice two bedroom cabin for $80.00 a night tucked in the woods has been just the ticket.  Watching spring unfold, listening to the geese, and remembering what life is all about.

Each of these things mentioned can be found on the Indiana DNRs website.  To help you out I have links in both the text and the images of this post.  Click on them and they will take you to the needed information.  If you do not live in Indiana search you own states website and I will bet you find similar information.  I am hoping everyone gets out on the water, in the woods, or just back to nature a little more in 2021.  Blow the stink off and keep livin’.

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Be Well.

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