Tying Video – The Hot Spot Spider

The Hot Spot Spider fly this week is more of a generic soft hackle “spider” fly than a traditional pattern. This is not a specific pattern, that I know of, more one I just threw together.  I have been tying a lot of soft hackle flies over the last few months and all of them have been traditional or “classic’ patterns that have been around for many years.  They are all great flies, fun to tie and can still catch plenty of fish.  However, I wanted to do one fly that was a little more “modern”.  I use the term modern loosely because even 70 years ago fly tiers were incorporating flash, spinner blades, and bright colors to help attract fish.  The only real “modern” or more “up to date” aspect of this weeks fly is the hot spot or the bright thorax.  If you do a search on the web for hot spot spiders you will find a number of different ways and materials that people use to accomplish a hot spot on their soft hackle flies.  I chose a bright thorax because it was the simplest method.  The idea is simple, you take a know pattern and substitute one of the materials with a very bright (usually florescent) material.  In this case, the thorax is Antron Bright in florescent Chartreuse.  I mention in the video some mother methods that other people use but you get the idea.  By adding a bright area in the fly you can get the attention of the fish from farther away (if the water is clear enough).   While I enjoy sticking with classic patterns it is just as enjoyable adding something out of the ordinary to a fly just to see what might happen.  Keep in mind, there are flies tied to catch fish and flies tied to catch fisherman (and women) and they are not always the same fly.  Just because I think it is a good looking pattern and it will send the fish into a feeding frenzy does not mean that the fish will agree with me.  That said, some fun was had at the vise and that has to count for something.  – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad 3906, 3906b or 3399, #10 – #16
Thread:Uni-Thread 8/0, Black
Rib:Danville Fine wire, Silver
Body:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Black
Hot Spot:Antron Bright, Fl. Chartreuse
Hackle:Guinea fowl
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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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