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Tying Video – The Electric Leech

The Electric Leech is one of those flies that is good fished deep as a leech or swung in the mid-water column as a baitfish.  Not all together different from a Zonker fly, it is a heavily weighted fly with a lot of action and minimal flash.  I first ran across this fly a number of years ago while doing a class on leech flies.  The first version I found was a pearl bodied fly with a black rabbit zonker for a “wing”.  I decided to do this one in an all black as I intend to fish these deep along the bottom as a leech.  However, you can remove the bead on the front and/or the weight and this is a great fly for swinging as a baitfish imitation.  I don’t know much of the history of this fly as my searching (as limited as it was) did not turn anything up.  Other then, it is also refereed to as “Miller’s Electric Leech”.  If anyone has any additional info I am eager to hear about this fly.

Tying the fly is pretty straightforward.  As I mentioned, it is similar to a Zonker style baitfish (which I already have a video on).  Probably the one ingredient you must have in this fly is the rabbit zonker.  You can substitute other colored beads or cones on the front as well as different weights of lead or number of wraps to get the fly where you want it.  The body does not have to made of Sparkle Braid.  You could dub the entire body in Ice Dub if you want.  You will need the wire to rib the fly and help hold down the rabbit zonker.  The color and amount of flash is also dependent on you own taste.  Leech patterns can be very effective in cloudy waters and when fished nymph style or high stick style through deeper runs.  Tie up a few and give them a try in your favorite waters.  – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad R74-9672, #2 – #12
Thread:Danville FlyMasters +, Black & Uni-Thread 8/0, Black
Weight:7/32 Black Bead, .020 Lead Wire
Body:Sparkle Braid, Black
Rib:UTC Ultra Wire, Small, Black
Wing:Rabbit Zonker, Black
Flash:Flashabou, Purple & Holographic Flashabou, Red
Collar:UV Ice Dub, Black
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