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Tying Video – The Egg Sucking Leech

Probably the most well known and most popular fly ever created is the Woolly Bugger.  It is certainly one of the first flies that most people tie when they start making their own flies.  Although, this post and video is not about the Woolly Bugger it is about a simple adaptation of this fly that is now probably one of the most popular flies for Steelhead, Salmon and even Browns and Rainbows.  The Egg Sucking Leech is basically a Woolly Bugger with an ‘egg’ in front of it.  What the ‘Egg’ is made of is really up to the tier and the person fishing it.  Even the Leech portion of the Egg Sucking Leech is up for grabs as to what it is made of as long as it basically follows the same process as a Woolly Bugger.  The one thing that has to change on this fly from a normal Woolly Bugger is the length of the shank of the hook.  For the accompanying video I used a Mustad R75S which is a 5x long streamer hook.  The reason for this is that the Egg has to take up some room at the front of the hook and if you use a standard 3x or 4x long streamer hook the body (or Leech) portion of the fly will be too short and the proportions will be off.  You could use a longer hook if you want but generally not shorter.

The tying of the Egg Sucking Leech is pretty straightforward.  You tie a Woolly Bugger, leave room at the front for the Egg and then tie in the Egg.  That is if you are going to tie in some material for the egg.  Some people simply use a glass or plastic bead on the front or a painted brass bead.  This makes the fly even easier to tie as you simply finish it off right behind the egg in the front.  For the video I used a Nylon Chenille in a fine size and a Fl. Orange color.  The fine size allows me to get multiple wraps back and forth in the ‘egg’ area and thus have better control over the resulting egg shape.  You could use other chenille’s or even egg yarn for the egg if you like.  I have even seen some tiers wrap on a hunk of ice dub, fold it back and make more of a ‘Egg/Head’ on the front. Do a little research and you will find an almost endless variety of Egg Sucking Leeches.  Face it, when it comes to Steelhead and Big trout a great deal of energy is put into any pattern that works!  – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad R75S, #2 – #10
Thread:Danville FlyMasters +, Black & Uni-Thread 8/0, Fl. Orange
Weight:.020 Lead Wire
Tail:Marabou, Black
Body:Rayon Chenille, Medium or Large, Black
Hackle:Rooster Saddle Hackle, Black
Egg:Nylon Chenille, Fine, Fl. Orange
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I still have one more “leech” pattern coming out next week.  This one is a great Sculpin and baitfish imitation as well.

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