Tying Video – Remnant Fly #1

This is the first in the Remnant fly series, the Remnant Fly #1.  If you haven’t read about or watched the Introduction video yet just follow the links to get caught up.  The idea is that I rummage around in my box of small remnants of fly tying materials and come up with a fly, or at least I think will be a fly.  Then I tie the fly in front of the camera working out the details as I go and see what develops. That fly then becomes a Remnant Fly #XXX.  The main idea is to use up all these bits and pieces I have (remnants) from other projects and classes as well as to have some fun developing new flies.  They may not be completely new  but it will be new in sense I have never tied it before.  Kind of like Jazz for fly tying.

The Remnant Fly #1 is a very simple pattern with only four materials.  My first thoughts were to tie in the Zonker strip sort of like a Zonker fly with a white body material for some sort of Goby or Sculpin type pattern. It all went pretty straight forward except dealing with the Zonker strip.  I attached it to the hook after attaching the eyes and during the video realized I could have attached it first thing.  However, during the editing of the video I realized I could have attached the eyes and applied the chenille for the body and then attached the Zonker Strip.  That is the sort of realization that has drawn me to do these ‘Remnant’ flies.  Often fly tying is a process of learning the fly and the best way for you to put everything together.  What works for me may not be the way it works for you.  I think it is very interesting to see the thoughts process behind the fly and what is learned just after one fly being tied.  Anyway, that’s the Remnant Fly #1.  It will go into a special fly box just for Remnant flies and this next season I will get them out on the water to see how they do.  – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad 33903, #6
Thread:Uni-Thread 8/0, Olive
Weight:Hareline Pseudo Eyes, Anodized Green White Eye, Medium
Body:Sparkle Braid, Pearl
Wing:Rabbit Zonker, Barred Olive
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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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