Tying Video – Remnant Fly #2

This is the second fly in a new series I call Remnant flies.  This is the Remnant Fly #2.  If you haven’t read about or watched the Introduction video yet just follow the links to get caught up.  You can also watch the Remnant Fly #1 if you are so inclined.  This fly began as I looked though my remnant box as a shrimpy type pattern.  I ran across the Chartreuse Mono and thought about the Mahavie’s Shrimp and started wondering what a large caddis type fly might look like tied in such a manner.  So I rummaged around and found a caddis hook, some flat braid and a hackle and set out to see what I could tie.  On the Mahavie’s shrimp there is a flat braid or silver flashabou type material tied to the shank and a vinyl rib wrapped over it, usually a clear v-rib.  So I decided to see how that might look for this caddis.  The only thing is the chartreuse mono does not really let the pearl flat braid come through.  However, it does keep it bright.  That is why I used the white thread at first, black thread would have darkened the flat braid and certainly would have darkened the mono.   My second thought was to maybe just wrap the mono in as a rib instead of the entire body.  But, when it came time to decide a full body or a rib I decided I liked the look of the full body so I went with that.  The dubbing was some black beaver or rabbit dubbing but you could use a Sow-Scud or Life Cycle type dubbing as well.  The hackle is a dyed Chartreuse Guinea fowl because it was in the remnant box and worked for the fly.  You could use a dyed hen, grizzly hen or speckled hen as well.  All in all, it was fun to see what would turn out.  Nothing extra ordinary but I think it will work well for Steelhead or Salmon in the future.  Feel free to share your thought and suggestions below about the Remnant Fly #2.  – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad C49SNP-BR, #8
Thread:Uni-Thread 8/0, Black & White
Weight:.020 Lead Wire, 10 wraps
Body:Flat Braid, Pearl & Chartreuse Monofilament
Wing:Beaver Dubbing, Black
Wing:Guinea Fowl dyed Chartreuse
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