Tying Video – The Grizzly King

The Grizzly King is one of the first wet flies I ever tied, many years ago.  It is another fly that is in Ray Bergman’s book Trout which was published in 1938; it is on Plate #4. Like the Abbey, it is a pretty straight forward wet fly and it also is tied with a Mallard Flank wing.  You can use the same technique that I showed with the Abby for creating the wing or there is a somewhat simpler method which I show in the Grizzly King. In the Grizzly King video I touch on the subject of tying flies to ‘show vs throw’.  Meaning, the same pattern can be constructed in different ways depending on whether you are wanting to fish the fly or frame it.  Often, if you are simply fishing the fly different materials are used or they are tied in using different/simpler techniques that aide in the construction, make it more durable and speed up the creation of the fly.  After all, nobody wants to put in 30 minutes creating a small wet fly to simply loose it in a tree by the water.  The wing technique used and explained in the Grizzly King video can be used on many other wet fly patterns and it might even be a technique that works the best for you.  – Enjoy

Uni-Thread 8/0, Black & White
Tail:Goose Shoulder, Scarlet
Rib:Danville Silver/Gold Mylar Tinsel #16/18
Body:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Kelly Green
Throat:Grizzly Hen Saddle
Wing:Gray Mallard Flank
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