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Tying Video – The Montreal

The Montreal is another older wet fly pattern.  One that is also in Ray Bergman’s book, Trout.  I enjoy tying this fly because it is a very elegant pattern and I enjoy working with Turkey for wings.   When I decided to tie this fly I started doing a little research into the pattern to see if what I knew about it was correct as well as to find any additional information I might be able to pass along.  The most interesting thing is that this version is also call the “Dark” Montreal.  Naturally, I assumed there is a “light” version somewhere but I have been unable to find it.  That said, the version I tied in the video it the same (basically) as that described in Trout.  I tied it because it is a productive fly that I enjoy tying as well as a fun fly to tie.

Often when I write about the various flies I tie and produce videos on I comment about what might make the fly a good choice for anyone wanting to tie a certain pattern or work with a certain material.  The Montreal fits into this category in terms of getting into tying wet flies.  Many people I have taught to tie wet flies comment about how intimidated they are in regards to working with matched or married wings.  I can under stand this, they can test ones patience.  The Montreal uses Turkey for the wing which is a very forgiving material to work with.  The feathers often do not have a lot of curve to them and thus are not hard to get matched up.  If anything, it can be a chore to find the right feathers that will work and not be too slim.  On the other hand, Turkey is an inexpensive material.  It is usually stocked in fly shops, available on Amazon and can definitely can be purchased on eBay.  On eBay you can usually purchase a whole bunch that will have a number of workable feathers.  This way, you can experiment and learn about matching wings for wet flies and not feel like you are wasting good material.  So, get you some Turkey and have some fun tying the Montreal (or Dark Montreal if you like).  – Enjoy.

Uni-Thread 8/0, Black & White
Tail:Rooster Hackle Fibers, Red
Rib:Danville Silver/Gold Mylar Tinsel #16/18
Body:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Wine
Throat:Rooster Saddle Hackle, Claret
Wing:Turkey, natural brown
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