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Tying Video – Remnant Fly #4

The Remnant fly this week came about as I was looking though my remnant box and found a nice blue hen hackle.  I think I had used them before when tying the Christmas Jubilee back in 2019.  As soon as I saw the feather I though about a soft hackle fly (a large soft hackle fly) and one more for warmwater species.  Blue is a great color for attracting panfish as well as bass.   So, I began looking for the right hook, some body material and a little thorax material.  The Gold Mylar tinsel sort of fell out of the box as I was looking around and so I decided it had to be the body.  I ran across some dubbing I had never worked with before, Senyo’s Laser Hair Dubbing and liked the golden yellow color and decided it would work.  Lastly, I though some rubber legs would be nice.  bass and panfish love rubber legs.  My original thought was a few for a tail and a few more around the thorax for some extra life.  I grabbed some Fl. Orange round rubber legs and decided I had everything I needed for this fly.

I won’t go into detail about tying it as it is easier to just watch the video.  I did opt out of the extra rubber legs around the thorax, I think my love for classic soft hackle got the better of me.  Also, looking back, I would have put in about two to four more rubber legs in the tail, maybe even sili-legs so they would not be so stiff.  That is the nice thing about doing these remnant flies, you can just tie them and then think about what you might have done different.  Who knows, maybe even me writing about them is sort of keep a journal and one day, when I fish this fly, I will re-read all this and make some improvements and have a very nice and productive fly.  That is the Remnant Fly #4.  I do think the gold and yellow go very well with the blue hackle.  Make some of your own and let me know how they do for you.  – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad 9672, #6
Thread:UTC Ultra Thread, 70 Denier, Fl. Fire Orange
Tail:Medium Round Rubber Legs, Fl. Orange
Body:Danville Gold Mylar Tinsel, #12
Thorax:Senyo Laser Hair Dubbing, Orange
Hackle:Hen Hackle, Blue

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