Tying Video – The Hardy’s Favorite

I chose to do a video on tying the Hardy’s Favorite because I like the look of the fly.  Plus, you don’t see a lot of wet flies tied with a peacock body using a floss rib.  As far as wet flies go, it is not a complicated fly to tie but I found it interesting as well as a handsome fly.  That is probably why James Hardy made it a favorite fly back in the 1870’s and that it catches fish!  In regards to history, I do not know much about the fly or why it was created and just how well it fished.  I do know it was created by James Hardy (of Hardy Brothers fame) back in the 1870’s and it was a favorite.  Often flies were tied then, as they are now, to solve a particular fishing problem.  Since the fly is still around today and is a popular wet fly I think it is safe to say it solved the problem at the time.

Tying the Hardy’s Favorite is pretty straight forward.  The original body is made of Peacock herl and ribbed with a red floss (as per Helen Shaw’s Book – Flies For Fish & Fisherman).  In researching for more history on the fly I did find that a number of people tie the Hardy’s Favorite with a red floss body and a Peacock herl rib.  It is easy to see how this could have come about.  If you rib the herl with too much floss or let the floss flatten out the fly appears to be a floss body with a herl rib.  There is nothing wrong with tying the fly in this manner but keep in mind the herl is not supported by anything and can easily break.  Although there is no wire rib in the original if I were tying the fly with a floss body and a Peacock herl rib I would also counter wrap with a fine wire to help support the herl.  Just my two cents.  I did show a different technique for tying in the wings of the Hardy’s Favorite.  This technique I first learned from Don Bastian on his DVD Advanced Classic Wet Flies.  It comes in handy with certain materials and I have found that it works better for some tiers than a more common technique for mounting the wings on the fly.  Whichever you prefer, it is always nice to know more than one way to accomplish something.  – Enjoy.


Uni-Thread 8/0, Black
Tail:Golden Pheasant Tippet
Rib:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Red
Body:Peacock Herl
Throat:Schlappen or Rooster Saddle, Brown
Wing:Turkey, natural brown
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