Tube Fly 101 Class Info

More details about the Tube Fly 101 fly tying class that is scheduled for tomorrow June 8th. As mentioned, this is a basic class on learning about tube flies.  That means the focus is on the how, when and why of tube flies and not as much the actual fly tying.  We will tie a couple of tube flies and more if we have time but the focus is going to be mostly on information about tube flies.

All materials will be provided.  Most tube flies are tied on what is called a ‘Mandrel’ to give the tube some rigidity while tying.  You will need a mandrel if you want to tie flies at home but for this class I will provide the mandrels.  You will also need your vice, scissors, bodkin, head cement and thread.  Thread for the class can be a basic 140 denier (3/0) olive or black.  The class will start at 1:00 p.m. and the cost of the class is $35.00.

This will be the last fly tying class for a while.  Most people are out fishing for the summer (me included) and are not as interested in tying.  At this time I am planning on scheduling a few class for the fall starting in mid-September.  I have a few ideas for classes but I am open to suggestions about what interests you.  The tube fly class has always been a fun class in the past and should be tomorrow as well.  Hope to see you there.

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