Tying Video – The Silver & Black

The Silver & Black is a very basic wet fly but a nice one to have in your fly box when searching new water.  It also does well in “off” colored or slightly muddy water.  I chose to do a video on this fly because it is not complicated and for anyone wanting to improve their wet fly tying you would do well to commit to tying a few dozen Silver & Black wet flies.  There is no tag (some call it a tip) on this fly as well as no rib.  So, it is a simple fly to remember how to tie and a great one for focusing your attention on the small detail in wrapping in the body, the throat as well as the wing.  Keep in mind, if your fly does not turn out just perfect the fish are not going to care.  As well as that perfect fly starts getting trashed as soon as you catch your first fish on it.  This means that if you are not happy with how the fly turned out then put another hook in the vise and go at it again.  Soon enough you will start getting the “feel” for the materials and the fly and they will start to turn out how you want them.  I actually ran across this pattern on The Global Fly Fishers website (which if you have not browsed this site I highly recommend you do).  Bob Petti wrote a very nice article on classic wet flies and lists out a 35 various patterns with great photos and recipes.  He mentioned that the Silver & Black is from Helen Shaw’s book Flies for Fish & Fisherman (another classic book).  I did find where the fly was mentioned but did not find any instructions as to tying the fly.  However, I find her book tends to focus on some of the more difficult flies, materials and techniques.  Since the Silver & Black is pretty basic it does not surprise me there is not a lot of detail on the fly.  However, there might be, I might have missed it in another section of the book.  If so, please leave a comment to this post as to where to find more details on the Silver & Black.  I would not mind learning more about the history of this pattern. – Enjoy.

Thread:Uni-Thread 8/0, Black
Tail:Golden Pheasant Tippet
Body:Danville Mylar Tinsel, Silver, #14 or #16/18
Throat:Schlappen, Black
Wing:Goose Quill, Black
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