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Tying Video – The Blue Professor

This weeks fly is a revisit of an old pattern with just a slight change.  The Professor is normally tied with Yellow floss for the body but the Blue Professor has blue floss instead (who would have guessed).  Which means you can make a Red Professor, a Green Professor, a Purple Professor and on and on…. I chose the Blue Professor because blue is a very productive color in warmwater circles and I wanted to tie some up to throw this spring and summer to see how they do for my local Smallmouth Bass.  I had tied the Professor a few years ago in a more traditional manner.  The Blue Professor has two things that are different.  First, the blue floss instead of the yellow and second I used red goose shoulder for the tail instead of red rooster hackle barbs.  Otherwise, the tying is pretty straight forward.  I did talk in the video about the wing.  The wing is made of gray Mallard Flank.  However, the feather you get in your regular store bought package of “Mallard Flank” are not really Mallard flank feathers.  They are usually breast and belly feathers.  This makes creating wings out of matched “flank” feathers a bit difficult.  So, in the video I show you a quick and expedient way of making a fishable wing.  If you want some more information about the Mallard Flank feathers versus the breast/belly feathers take a look at this video by Kelly Gallup on Harvesting Mallard Flank Feathers.  I recently ran across this video and found it to be a great explanation of the difference between real flank feathers and what you usually get in store bought packages.  Anyway, this weeks fly is just a variation of a classic pattern (which is itself a classic pattern, it is in Ray Bergman’s Trout book) that will show you that simple changes can have great effects.  – Enjoy.

Thread:Danville 6/0, Black & White
Tail:Goose Shoulder, Red
Rib:Danville Mylar Tinsel, Gold, #16/18
Body:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Copenhagen Blue
Throat:Schlappen, Brown
Wing:Grey Mallard Flank
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