Tying Video – The Governor

The fly this week is another wet fly, this one is the Governor.  I like the fly because it shows that a fly does not have to be elaborate or tedious to create for it to be an effective pattern.  The Governor is also listed in Ray Bergman’s book Trout on plate #4 and on page 432.  There are only four materials in this fly which makes it one of the easiest wet flies you may ever tie.  The original recipe does not call for a rib but I think if I were to tie some of these to go fishing with I would counter wrap a fine wire in for a rib just to help protect the peacock herl.  That said, maybe it is easier to just tie a few extra and then if a fly gets damaged just tie a new one on.  It would also be interesting to tie some of these with different colored tips to see if one color works better under certain circumstances than another.  I think a Fl. Chartreuse tip on this fly would be very productive, especially for panfish.

Often when I chose a pattern to tie it is because it has a different material in it I have never used or maybe a different technique I have not done before.  Such is the case with the Golden Pheasant a few weeks ago.  The Governor however, does not have any materials that are new or any techniques that are new.  For some reason when I thought of tying this fly I got to thinking about the turkey wing.  As I have mentioned in other videos, turkey feathers can be difficult to work with.  With the Governor I started to think about just why the turkey is such a pain to deal with.  This lead me to start looking at various turkey feathers that are on the market for fly tying.  Which in turn lead me to look at various turkey feathers that are NOT on the market and started me thinking about which turkey feathers are good for what flies/applications?  Turkey Tail feathers and primary flight feathers are most often used.  Turkey flats and turkey rounds are also used in tying.  What about secondary tail feathers, flank feathers, breast, neck or shoulder feathers?  All of this is basically leading down a path of trying to figure out what turkey feathers work well for what flies.  Most recipes only mention “mottled turkey”, “brown turkey”, or “turkey tail” as the feather (although some are more specific) to use.  Not certain how long it will take me to come up with some answers but it is fun researching.  Keep an eye out for more flies with “Turkey” in them and some more details. – Enjoy.

Thread:Danville 6/0, Black & White
Tip:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Red
Body:Peacock Herl
Hackle:Hen Neck, Brown
Wing:Turkey, natural brown
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