Tying Video – The Dr. Burke

The Dr. Burke is another classic wet fly.  It is also in Ray Bergman’s book Trout.  It is located on plate #3 and the recipe is on page 429.  I was surprised there was not more mention of this fly in the book as the fly is named after Dr. Edgar Burke who actually painted all of the color plates in the book Trout.  The fly is designed to be very bright and have lots of flash.  The idea being that is catches as much light as possible, even in low light, to get the attention of the fish. As such, it fishes very well in clear water or slightly stained water.  Cloudy or muddy water is not the right place for this fly.  Light colors tend to blend in with muddy or cloudy water.  Thus, the Dr. Burke with its bright white wing, silver tinsel body and rib and yellow throat would work best in clearer waters.  I had great fun tying this fly, I always like working with duck wings.  Many wet flies do not have cheeks on them so this was fun working with the Jungle Cock.  I mentioned in the video there are a couple of ways you can apply the tinsel for the body.  I prefer the double layer method as (I think) it gives the fly a smoother more uniform body.  However, if I were running low on tinsel I would probably switch to the single layer.  I also tied in the hackle as a throat on the Dr. Burke.  I have seen it tied this way and as a collar with the barbs stroked downward.  I find it interesting that the recipe simply states “Hackle” but some are tied as a throat and some a collar.  I imagine it is up to the tier.  I have also seen this pattern tied as a streamer, on a longer shank hook with rooster saddle for the wing.  Do a search online and you will find a number of articles and videos on the Dr. Burke. I hope this one adds to you knowledge a little bit. – Enjoy.

Thread: Danville 6/0, Black
Tail: Peacock Sword
Rib: Oval Tinsel, Silver, Medium
Body: Danville Mylar Tinsel, Gold, #14
Hackle: Schlappen, Yellow
Wing: Duck Quill, White (non-affliate)
Eye: Jungle Cock (non-affiliate, have purchased from them in the past, good necks and small packs of nails.)
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