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Tying Video – Dark Spinner

The Dark Spinner is another wet fly from Ray Bergman’s book Trout, it is on Plate #2 and the recipe is on page 428.  I chose to do a video  on the Dark Spinner because I thought is a handsome fly and I think it will do well in clearer water.  Often when the water is very clear trout can be very spooky.  A fly with any bright color or flash can easily turn then off.  Sometimes, the opposite is true but most often I have found it is better to go with more muted and natural colors in gin clear water.  I also think that it would do well in slightly muddy waters.  The dark body, floss and darkish wing I think will show up better in cream colored waters.  Either way, it is a fun fly to tie and a great fly to work on basic matched wing skills.

A couple of notes on tying the Dark Spinner.  The original recipe calls for Dark Claret for the body.  I do not have any Danville Claret floss, let alone Dark Claret.  I noticed a number of years ago, when working in the industry, that a number of fly tying manufacturers were replacing their Claret color with a Wine color.  Danville is one of these companies.  I have some Wine floss so that is what I used.  I think  the primary difference is that the Claret color has a little more red in it.  I think it worked out fine but I did find if I used the Danville 4-strand Rayon Purple for the rib it blended in with the body too much.  At least, I thought it blended too much.  Maybe that is how it is supposed to be.  Rather than the Rayon purple I went with a SemperFli Violet floss, which I think is a nylon.  It is a bit brighter and not as ‘shiny’ as the rayon.  I think it is a good pairing.  Overall, I like the color combinations of the Dark Spinner and think it will be a very productive fly.  If nothing else, it will look nice with some other framed flies.  – Enjoy.
Thread: Danville 6/0, Black & White
Tail: Rooster Hackle fiber, purple
Rib: SemperFli Floss, Violet
Body: Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Wine
Hackle: Schlappen, Purple
Wing: Duck Quill, Natural, use the dark slate areas
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