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Stickers & Magnets Merchandise

Just a note to announce the first round of Dressed Irons Stickers and Magnets are available on the website.  There are two versions of stickers and one of magnets.  The first is a simple 3″ diameter round sticker of the Dressed Irons logo.  This particular sticker has a paper back to it.  It is a nice bright sticker but will not hold up in the outdoors.  I thought I was getting a vinyl backed sticker but that was not the case.  However, if you have a place for stickers around your tying desk or maybe on a  cabinet where you keep your fishing gear than this sticker is perfect for that location.

The second version of the Dressed Irons logo is a vinyl backed sticker and this one is also die cut.  That simply means it is cut out around the logo and that it is not just a round circle.  The die cut gives it a little more character.  This is a perfect sticker for anything or anywhere indoors or out.  I have had a couple on my truck for the last few months and they look like I just put them on.  These two stickers are also the Dressed Irons logo on a white background.  I am working on getting the logo on a black background for those who would like that version.

Lastly, there is a magnet version of the logo, also die cut, for those who might like that better than a sticker.  It looks just like the die cut vinyl sticker but is a magnet.  This I have also had on my truck for some time and it has held up very well.  Even though the car wash!  Great for your car or truck, boat, cabinet or your fridge.

I am working on some new designed for some additional stickers for Dressed Irons as well as designed for some additional merchandise like shirts, hats, tumblers and so on.  I will keep everyone posted as they become available.

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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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