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Way back in 2009 I created the Hammerhead fly while fishing for great lakes carp on Beaver Island in Lake Michigan.  It was created to resemble a sculpin, a crawdad or even a goby which are all prevalent in the lake and major food sources for the carp.  The first rendition of the Hammerhead caught 8 nice carp the next day which is uncommon to catch so many in one day.  Since then, it has been used around Beaver Island and other areas of Lake Michigan and caught many carp as well as Smallmouth Bass.  I have fished it in local rivers here in Indiana and caught Smallmouth as well as Largemouth Bass.  I even tied a white version and a purple and chartreuse version that has caught Redfish in Louisiana.  In 2011 a video was done on tying the Hammerhead and published by an old online magazine called A Tight Loop.  The original video is still on YouTube and worth a look if you are interested in this fly.

When I started Dressed Irons back in 2019 I wrote a step by step article on tying the Hammerhead and mentioned in that article that I was considering doing an updated video.  Since then I have had a number of people request and updated version so here it is.  The fly hasn’t really changed much, or at all really, but rather the method of tying the Hammerhead has changed to make it a little cleaner and a little sturdier.  Probably the only real change, material wise, is that you can no longer get the Spirit River glow in the dark Mylar Motion.  Luckily, Hedron has a glow in the dark Flashabou that I think will work just fine.  I included the original Mylar Motion in the recipe below just because that is what it was originally tied with.  Otherwise, it is still the same Hammerhead just tied a little different. – Enjoy.

Hook:Mustad R74, #4
Thread:Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier, Black
Eyes:Beadchain, Extra Large, Gold
Weight:.035 Lead Free Wire, 10 wraps
Tail:Mylar Motion, Glow in the dark Fl. Orange, Fl. Yellow, Sili-Legs, Brown with black flakes
Rear Body:Antron Yarn, Brown
Front Body:Crawdad Orange Rabbit Zonker, Magnum

If you would like to purchase a few Hammerhead flies there are a number for sale (while supplies last).

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Remember….. It’s Fly tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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