Tying Video – The Baby Hammerhead

While tying some Hammerhead flies for the updated video I released last week I decided it was time to create the modification to the Hammerhead that is the Baby Hammerhead.  I have been thinking about this fly for sometime and thought now is a good time to bring those thoughts into reality.  The original Hammerhead was designed as a Carp fly that would sink fast, have lots of action, with a large profile and could be modified for various fishing situations.  The one situation that it does not do well in is when the fish are shallow and spooky.  There is just too much “plop” in this fly. So, the Baby Hammerhead is designed with some of the same properties but for shallower conditions so as not to “plop” and spook the fish.  The major change is that there is no weight on this fly, other then the bead chain eyes and the hook.  The hook used has changed to shorten the overall fly as well as the rabbit zonker used is not a magnum so the body is not as heavy but will still have a noticeable profile and action in the water.  Otherwise, it is the same as the Hammerhead and can be modified in the same manner as the original.  Not a bad fly to have in your box for Smallmouth and on an even smaller hook would probably catch some larger panfish as well. – Enjoy.

Hook: Daiichi 1720, #6
Thread: Wapsi UTC Ultra Thread 140 Denier, Black
Eyes: Beadchain, Medium, Gold
Tail: Mylar Motion, Glow in the dark Fl. Orange, Fl. Yellow, Sili-Legs, Brown with black flakes
Front Body: Barred Orange Rabbit Zonker

If you would like to purchase a few Baby Hammerhead flies there are a number for sale (while supplies last).


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