Hyde Repair Video #2

This is the second video in a series (of I don’t know how many yet) I am doing on repairing, painting and fixing up my low side Hyde drift boat.  The first video (click here to see it) was about the general condition of the boat when I started and the initial process of removing the old fiberglass and resin from the bottom, sanding it down and getting it prepared for fairing and eventual fresh fiberglass and epoxy.  This video takes up where the first ended and that is with me cleaning up the lower sides and finalizing any resin removal from the bottom.  It may seem like it is not so difficult and there is not much to be considered but actually I found out there is.  I discuss this in the video as I am prepping for the fairing compound.  Then, once ready, I mix up the fairing compound and apply it to the bottom.  There are a few things to consider when mixing and applying fairing compound the most important of which is the working time.  Because I only have about 20 – 25 minutes of working time I mixed small batches that I could use up quickly rather then try to mix up large batches and try and race to apply it.  All of this is also discussed in the video.

This video ends with all of the fairing compound applied to the bottom and ready to let setup.  I only let it set, initially, for 24 hours and then sanded it smooth.  At this point I could apply any more fairing in the places I missed.  If I let it cure for a full three days it is more difficult to sand (or so I am told).  I then waited another 24 hours and sanded smooth the fairing I applied the day before.  At that time I let it sit for a full three days, more like about 7 days, before getting ready to apply the epoxy and fiberglass.  I also mention in this video, numerous times, that I am not a professional and that this is the first time tackling a project like this.  I am only recording what I am doing and how it is turning out.  Primarily because I have not found any videos or articles specific to patching a repairing a drift boat.

As of this writing, I do have the final fiberglass and epoxy applied to the bottom and have the video footage of that process.  I am working on the third video in this series that will show that process.  That will probably be the last video of the year as it is getting cold out and will make any work on this more difficult.  I am thinking of ways to wrap the work area and get some heat to it to possibly keep working but with the holidays and other obligations I probably will not be able to get to it until January.  I wish I had a bigger spread and could just build a small shop to work on this in.  Something to shoot for.  So, keep an eye open for the third video.  It should be out in a few weeks. – Enjoy.

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Remember….. It’s Boat Repair….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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