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Tying Video – The Getland

The Getland is another straightforward wet fly.  Nothing fancy here other than it is similar to the Abbey which I did a tying video on about a year ago.  I don’t think the Getland is as well known as the Abbey but it is also an old pattern.  I chose to do a video on the Getland because it got me to thinking about the various patterns we tie, their origins and their variations.  Often, someone will develop a fly that has not been around before.  One of the latest that I can think of off the top of my head would be Blane Chocklett’s Game Changer.  Something that has parts and components that are familiar in other flies but are put together in such as way as to be something “new”.  Fast forward a few years and you have all sorts of “game changer” style flies that are all feathers or other materials or other lengths or other colors, etc… that are still technically Game Changers.  So when does a “variant” of a pattern become it’s own pattern with it’s own name?  Good question and something I ponder often when tying old wet flies.

In the case of the Abbey and the Getland, which came first?  Is one simply a variant of the other or because enough materials are changed does it require (or deserve) it’s own name?  Did the second come about because someone thought “hey, I wonder if this would work…” and it did?  Or, is it possible they were both developed at the same time by two different fisherman one two distinct waters for two different species and/or conditions?  All good questions and all relevant if you ponder such things.  For most people they are mostly interested in whether it will catch fish.  Maybe that is the most important and relevant question. – Enjoy

Thread:Danville 6/0, Black & White
Tip:Danville Mylar Tinsel, Gold, #16/18
Tail:Schlappen, Brown
Rib:Danville Mylar Tinsel, Gold, #16/18
Body:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Green
Hackle:Schlappen, Brown
Wing:Grey Mallard Flank
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