Tying Video – The Ibis & White

The Ibis & White is a great wet fly for clearer waters and/or shallow conditions.  The Bright colors really stand out in the water but if the water is cloudy or muddy they will get lost in the light colors.  It is a great wet fly to tie if you want to get started in working with married wings and tails.  I tied the version in the video on a #4 hook and because of that I used goose shoulder for the tail and goose quill for the wing.  It is an old pattern that is also in Ray Bergman’s Trout (page 433 and Plate #4).  In fact it gets it’s name because the red in the fly was once created by using Scarlet Ibis feathers.  Nothing fancy about the fly other then the married goose shoulder in the tail and the married goose quill in the wing.  However wide you want the tail and the wing to be, simply make them half red over half white.  During the making of this video I decided to do an extra fly tying video on how I make the tail and wing for the Ibis and White as well as other flies like the Martin.  That video will be out in a few days.  It gives a little more in depth view of the making of the tail and wing.  The quality of the video is not as good as I would like and I am thinking about eventually making a second and better video.  I am still learning the angles and my equipment when making what I call “supplemental’ videos.  Look for that video in a few days and more wet flies in the coming weeks.  – Enjoy

Thread: Danville 6/0, Black and White
Tip: Danville Silver/Gold Mylar Tinsel, #14
Tail: Goose Shoulder, Red & White
Rib: Danville Silver/Gold Mylar Tinsel, #14
Body: Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Red
Hackle: Schlappen, White & Red
Wing: Goose Quill, Red & White
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