Tying Video – The Black Moose

The Black Moose is an interesting fly besides being a very colorful pattern.  The colors are what caught my eye at first.   Being primarily a warmwater fly fisher anything with bright purple or bright green/chartreuse needs attention.  This fly has them both with some nice contrasting mottled Guinea and black thrown in.  I did not find much information on the Black Moose however, it is in Ray Bergman’s book Trout (page 425, plate #1).  As I began to tie the fly and look into it a little more I realized it does not have a rib or a throat hackle.  Most wet fly patterns will have both or at least one of those components.  Ultimately, it makes for a fairly quick tie with about as much time taken to get the wing together as in tying everything up to that point.  The recipe calls for “Guinea & Purple” in the wing.  I chose to use goose quill for the purple as this is tied on a #4 Mustad 3399 hook which is on the larger side of wet flies.  This worked pretty well but take care in choosing you Guinea feathers as you have to make certain the barbs are long enough for a larger hook.  If you were tying this fly on some #8 or #10 hooks I think duck quill would work just fine.

As I mentioned, there is no rib or hackle on this fly.  That does not mean you can not add one if you would like and see if it makes the fly more effective.  Ribbing adds some segmentation to the fly as well as flash but it also adds some protection for the underlying body.  Without a rib on the Black Moose a fish could tear into the floss body and in no time the fly is ruined.  Of course, it also maybe that in no time the wing gets ruined and you simply have to tie on a new fly.  You could add some head cement or even some UV material to the body to help add some protection.  I do not think it would effect the action or productivity of the fly.  I think I am going to tie some with a green throat and some with a purple throat just to throw around and see if they are any more productive.  It is always fun to experiment with flies and I think the Black Moose leaves plenty of room for trial and error.  – Enjoy

Thread:Danville 6/0, Black
Tip:Danville Mylar Tinsel, Gold, #14
Tail:Rooster Saddle, Green
Body:Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Black
Wing:Purple Over Guinea
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