Tying Video – The Canada

The Canada was/is an interesting fly to tie.  I chose this fly mostly due to the turkey wing.  I find that using turkey materials in the wings of wet flies (and some Spey and Dee flies) to be a bit of a challenge.  Not that the material is challenging but rather finding the right material to fulfill my needs.  I either do not have very good feathers (which is very likely) or I just have not learned what to look for and use in these types of flies.  Goose and Duck quill is pretty straightforward but Turkey can give me fits.  So, rather than avoid the flies with that material I have challenged myself for 2023 to use it more and am determined to learn the subtleties of Turkey in fly tying.  That said, I mostly used Ozark Turkey feathers for the tying of the Canada.  For the most part they worked fine but I find the tips of the barbs to be rather ragged (which I mention in the video).  I did attempt to use some secondary flight feathers that I have that are of a lighter gray coloring but the longest barbs proved to be just a little too short for the #4 Mustad 3399 hook I was using.  So, I stuck to the Ozark turkey and managed to get a few dozen tied and learn a little.

Another reason I chose the Canada has to do with the tail/tip.  The Canada is listed in Ray Bergman’s Book Trout (page 426, plate #2) which is where I got the original recipe from. The original recipe has the tip listed as “Scarlet Tag”.  I have mentioned in previous videos that the difference between a “tip” and a “tag” on these wet flies eludes me.  I am not 100% certain when a gold tinsel is wrapped down the bend of the hook prior to the tail is it called a Tip or a Tag?  Still on a quest to find that out.  However, I ran across a version of the Canada that Don Bastian tied and he reference the “Scarlet Tag” as “The written recipe for the Canada lists a tip of ‘scarlet tag’ but it is more accurately a tail. By standard definition this fly has no ‘tip.’”  His listing of the recipe is for a tail that is “Scarlet wool as a short tag“.  The Canada is one of the few flies I have ran across with a tail tied as a Tag and I thought it would be interesting to tie a few.  The wool (or Sparkle Yarn in the video) in the tail made for a little bit thicker and tapered body but I think overall it makes the fly look a little “meatier”.  Tie some for yourself and let me know what you think of the Canada. – Enjoy

Thread: Danville 6/0, Black & White
Tail: Wool, Red
Rib: Danville Mylar Tinsel, Gold, #14
Body: Danville 4-Strand Rayon Floss, Red
Hackle: Schlappen, Red
Wing: Gray Turkey or any mottled Black and White (in the video Ozark Turkey)
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