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It has been a while since I have posted anything to the “Blog” on Dressed Irons.  Things are changing here and I think for the better for you and me.  As most followers are aware, I started a community over on Locals called the Dressed Irons Guild.  The plan is to create a place where I can focus my energies and have other people be able to interact, share and participate in regards to fly tying and fishing more than can happen on the Dressed Irons website, YouTube or Instagram.  I did a post on this about a month ago, check it out here.   Anyway, I am please to say that the Guild is off to a good start.  I have already had more interactions with other fly tiers through the Guild than through the website and it is quickly catching up to YouTube and Instagram!

In the past, whenever I published a new fly tying video I would add a post about the fly here on Dressed Irons.  The post would contain more details about the fly such as history, tying techniques, variations, etc… as well as the recipe for the fly and more images.  What I have found, through analyzing the website traffic, is that most people do not read the posts on the flies when they are published.  I think most people are watching the videos, reading the information in the description of the video and that’s about it.  This has prompted me to not add any posts on new fly tying videos as I am getting the word out through YouTube, Instagram and Locals.  This in turn has saved me more time during the week to focus on tying video, articles, products and even some fishing content.

Since more people are being reached through YouTube, Instagram and Locals this is where I will be placing a lot of my energies in the future.  This has also caused me to increase the amount of fly tying content over the past month.  Some of you may have noticed that instead of just one video a week I have been posting three videos a week, well 2 1/2 but I will get to that.  In an effort to get more people interacting with Dressed Irons as well as with each other, I have increased the amount of fly tying content for everyone.  I have also started adding Supporter Only content on the Guild for those who have chosen to support Dressed Irons.  This means that I will be publishing at least two tying videos a week for YouTube (sometimes three when I have extra content, that’s the 1/2) and one additional video for the supporters of the Guild.  The Supporter Only content is my way of adding additional value for those who support Dressed Irons.  I am also planning on have additional fishing content on YouTube and Locals as the summer unfolds.  Basically, I am strapping a camera to my head and will be recording all sorts of stuff to share.  That may be a good thing and then it might not, we shall see.

In addition to all the extra content I am planning on doing some Live Q&A sessions as well as maybe some live fly tying (hopefully on a regular basis) on the Guild to increase the interaction  with the fly tying and fishing community.  I have not worked out the logistics on the “Live” stuff yet as I am not certain I can manage the computer, camera(s) and fly tying all at once.  I had to give up chewing gum years ago as I kept falling down so this Live stuff will be a challenge.

So, this does not mean that the website will be going by the wayside and ultimately just collect dusk.  I will be posting things from the Guild as well as announcements of activities on the YouTube, Instagram and the Guild as well as increasing the newsletter.  Plus, I will be increasing the merch content on the site so if you would like to support Dressed Irons you can purchaser flies, stickers, magnets, cloths, bodkins, etc… to help out.

Bottom line is that things are changing a little on the Website, YouTube Channel, Instagram and the Dressed Irons Guild.  I imagine over the years they will change again as I refine the best way to keep getting quality content to followers and supporters.  As always, I welcome your feedback concerning the Website, YouTube, Instagram and the Guild.  If you would like to see me continue with certain content on certain platforms please let me know.  I enjoy hearing directly from supporters the most.

If you haven’t yet, sign up for the Dressed Irons newsletter to stay up to date well as receiving more details about what’s happening.  The sign up form is on the right of this page!

As always, if you have any questions about this fly (or any other) you can leave a comment on Dressed Irons or any of the videos I have produced and I will help in anyway I can.

Remember….. It’s Fly Tying….. If you’re not having fun, You’re Doin’ It Wrong.

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